How to Make Embroidered Pillows

The cushions are an elegant and sophisticated way to beautify both the sofas that chairs of but ensure a comfortable seat. Here then we see some steps that explain how to make embroidered pillows.

To begin make embroidered pillows, from a cushion will be required to stitch it to your liking. If you chose to do a cross stitch or needlepoint must realize that on a canvas in 44 holes Aida namely that which represents a network of average 30 cm wide. For the stay can make beautiful embroidered flower arrangements while for the room of the smallest you can reproduce the face of some cartoon character.

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Then, transfer directly on the pillow. This canvas is always with the wires twisted to the side so you can fall back on it and decide the outline that you want more. In order not to see the seam will need to create some quite close together and small. In the case where both advanced a little of cloth or silk, you may be used to create a very nice ruffles sewing on the edge of the entire pillow with create the folds with the strip of fabric to embellish even more the embroidered pillows.