Repairing Wooden Stairs Railing Loose

Wooden stair is very classic element for any home and wooden stairs railing really complete the overall style and feel of wooden stairs. When rails of wooden stairs are installed is sturdy, although they may have some elasticity to them. After prolong use of the rails of wooden ladder may become less resistant and insecure.

The first step to repair wooden stairs railing is determined where the railing of the wooden stairs is loose. Then, you first need to drill holes in the wooden stairs rails. Place the bit where the floor and baluster meet in a corner and a side to another railing. Make sure the drill is at a 45-degree angle and then make a hole that is 2 centimeters deep. Repeat this step on the back of the railing.

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The last step to repair wooden stairs railing is repair the rails of wooden stairs. Clean the sawdust that was created. Place the tip of the adhesive and the bottle in the hole of the grip. If the glue is not output from the other port, then add the glue to that channel as well. Use the sponge to wipe the excess adhesive. Allow the glue on the rails of the wooden staircase to dry for a day.