Cover Stair Riser Ideas

Risers ladder are the parts of the staircase that gives the stairs height raising the steps, which are the parts of the stairs as you step. If you are tired of your stair risers stained or even if your stair risers just look a little dull compared to the rest of the decor of your home, cover them up. Painting, decals and paper are excellent cover stair riser ideas, giving them a more interesting aspect.

Directions to cover stair riser ideas: paint the risers, leaving the bare steps. This gives a unique look at their stepped stairs, as the wood of the steps contrasts with the vivid coloration of the risers. Paint the risers to match the decor of your home, or paint them completely white for a very clean and modern look. Then cover them further with decals which give a number of ways to play, ranging from geometric to curves and organic, and they give your stairs a whimsical touch.

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Contact paper cut to match the size and shape of your stair risers, and stick the paper to the risers. Contact paper is robust and resistant to stains. It also comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and is an inexpensive solution when you look for cover stair riser ideas.