Installing a Carpet Runner for Stairs

Installing a carpet runner for stairs on the steps of laminate provides a visual accent to your staircase, matching the carpet on the floor, or in contrast to hardwood or tile. It also provides a protective cushion in their steps, preventing the development of bumps and scratches while damping of the sound emitted when using the stairs.

Measure the width of the stair treads with a tape measure. Use this measurement least 4 to 6 inches in selecting the width of the corridor to use the stairs. The smaller width allows you to place down the center of the ladder with some of the stair tread remains visible along the sides. Use chalk to make a mark in every step that is connecting the carpet runner for stairs using its width.

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Place the roll of carpet runner for stairs in the fourth step of the base of the stairs. Gently pull on the end until it extends to a point 2 inches beyond the underpass. Use the corridor to center in place brands. Secure the runner to the bottom of the riser along the underpass with the hammer stapler by placing a series of staples 4-6 inches away through the corridor and step.