Iron Stairs Design Modern

Iron stairs design with Escalators call those whose steps move upwards and downwards automatically. The first design that existed escalator was for 1891, which was actually more like a conveyor belt, or mechanically inclined ramp. The steps are in separate units but which are mounted together to a better seal and each has an axis that is coupled to the other steps via a chain linking, which in turn are driven by a toothed wheel having gears that operate through an electric motor. Each step of the iron stairs design or escalator has four wheels that move through some rails thereby causing steps that raise and lower the ramp always maintaining a balanced level together.

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Both the beginning and end travel the steps form a sort of mobile platform is level with the ground and said ramp, the ladder has on either side a railing with a band which usually moves at the same speed as the steps and of course used as a handrail. In the breaks that owns the iron stairs design whit escalator, platforms often serve as a guide for those who use it properly descend the stairs. Usually a metal plate as a device having a comb shape and is placed .