How tips a Decorative Painted Stairs

Decorative painted stairs – painted stairs add to the decor of a home. The process is not difficult, but it is time consuming and creates inconvenience until the project is complete. Choosing the right paint for the project will give the best results, making all the inconvenience is worth it.

You can decorative painted stairs a basic color, apply urethane and complete. Adding decorative touches to their painted stairs is an option, however. Apply stenciled phrases or decorations for the stairs to incorporate a theme. Paint stripes or geometric patterns on stairs for a contemporary look. Paint a false runner on the stairs using a variety of paint colors to create the appearance of a carpeted hallway on the stairs. A traditional look is to apply stain to paint the steps and risers. The options are limited only by your imagination and creativity.

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The decorative painted stairs interior stairs is a large company. During the process, the steps are unavailable for use until the paint and protective finish is applied and completely dry. The upstairs of your home will be basically off limits until the work is completed. Plan in advance for the inconvenience, even walking on the ladder feet socks are dry before they can damage the finish.