Kitchen Counter Stools Wooden

Kitchen counter stools wooden add to your kitchen space to sit on that requires minimal space is occupied. How any element projection in the home, the key to a good counter is its support? Instructions, Measure the space for the counter. Remember that the piece should extend over the cabinets. Adds the outgoing you want both sides of the bar; for seating area, the protrusion is generally 12 inches (30 cm). There should also be at least 3 inches (7.6 cm) overhang behind the counter.

Take your measurements to a timber or a store for kitchen counter stools and make you cut a piece of wood of the desired size. Round the edges of the counter, including the corners, with an edge. All wood sanding with an orbital sander along the grain. You should start with a weight 90 sandpaper and gradually move to 250. This process removes all chips and surface imperfections and smoothing wood.

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Painted with your favorite dyeing using a sponge brush color. All you need to dye the top and sides of the counter. Check the wood finishing with either a sealant suitable for food or mineral oil, using a brush. Place the kitchen counter stools in position and secure it to the counter with L-brackets placed on the inside of the cabinets.