Large Wall Mirrors Design

With his amazing ability to create the illusion of wide open spaces, large wall mirrors can be the perfect accessory for almost any room in your house. However, the extra weight of large mirrors, require them to devote more time and care than when you hang a photograph or a painting. Do not worry. With a few simple tricks, you will realize that it is not difficult to properly hang a heavy mirror. Prepare the wall where you hang up your mirror. Choose where you want to hang the mirror.

Hang a large wall mirrors, clear the area of the wall that is in front of your mirror. Make sure you have enough space to avoid problems in the area where you will hang your mirror. Mark the edges of the beams that are on the wall with a stud finder. Find the beams are a part very important thing to remember when you hang a mirror.

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Mark the center of each beam with tape. Stretch the tape or support a rule between each mark on the wall that you have done in pencil. This is the most stable place where you can hang your large wall mirrors so put each screw as close as possible to the center of each beam.