Stair Oak Design

Stair Oak Design-Wood Lim South Africa: this kind of wood lines Lim Lim should have relatively similar Laos Lim wood color, aromas and structure of the wood. However, South Africa lim specific weight lighter Lim , quite heavy so it is easier for transport operators and processing. In addition, products from South Africa ironwood reasonable price for the majority of consumers beautiful staircase.

majority Basically Stair oak design, ironwood ironwood Laos and South Africa relatively similar in color, aroma and structure of the wood. but it has been spray painted, 2 wood is becoming difficult to distinguish clearly.When not spraying color, colored wood Laos Lim redder, darker. But when sprayed colored, wooden products Lim Lao color more shiny wooden products Lim South Africa. Lim Lao wood still faster, smoother heartwood because conventional adult to be able to exploit the timber of Laos Lim Lim Wood higher than South Africa.

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 Stair oak design as wood materials are imported directly from ironwood type, standard for public works, the surface has many wondering wood, wood tom smooth thanks to adulthood. Lim rustic wood with natural colors, durable, have higher reliability in the hot and humid weather vagaries and higher bearing capacity, cheesy make more sustainable over time. the cost of expensive, beautiful staircase