Style of Natural Fiber Rugs

The fibers of which the surface is made of natural fiber rugs obviously met the most important role because it is this which will tread surface and which will be more exposed to environment and dirt. These fibers are classified into two main categories that are natural fibers and synthetic fibers. On the other hand, we must emphasize the role currently played by carpets woven vinyl, which by its technical and aesthetic characteristics occupy a very important part of the residential market and the professional or contract.

Characteristics of natural fiber rugs, Natural fibers are divided into vegetable and animal fibers. Plant fibers, the most common for the manufacture of carpets and rugs are Sisal and algae as well as being very attractive for its traditional aesthetic are solid and resistant fibers, making them an ideal choice for busy areas.

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Sisal and seaweeds are the most resistant natural fiber rugs, which is already a factor to consider when making a decision. But it is not the only feature that seduces us of these fibers but features such as its resistance to stains, their suitability as carpet Available to trap dust and prevent this flow through the air easier to clean over a vacuum cleaner or brush and the fact be affordable for all budgets.