Outside Metal Staircase

Outside Metal Staircase-rong feng shui, the staircase is like the backbone of the home, where air movement is strong, Continuous To Put Gas Lines Crisscross The Floor. So Where To Put The Stairs Is A Very Important factor. Here are 3 positions taboo placing indoor stairs.

According to Feng Shui, the energy center of any space will be drained by the energy of the stairs constantly being “gouged”. Sooner though late, this outside metal staircase depression will directly influence the energy of people living or working in that space. So, do not put the stairs in the middle of the home or office work No set of stairs lined with doors because the energy sort of stairs up and down with energy straight to the front door, you are creating an energy rush with full quality, volatile and not settle down.

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This tends to determine the quality outside metal staircase of energy in the entire house (if no solutions are used feng shui to balance it). Whenever possible, avoid stairs layout lined with doors.East (representing health), Southwest (representing the coast) and the

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