Wooden Patio Railings Ideas

Wooden patio railings provide a decorative element as well as a safety function that describes the paved entertainment area in your backyard. The railing can complement the shape of the courtyard and provide a basis for setting its banks against or to hang pots. It can also serve as security for you and your pets.

Create a traditional style of wooden patio railings with natural or painted railings colonial wood. Use poles with a rectangular, oval and medium cap to capture a classic colonial design background. Use a small round piece of wood on the top and bottom rail area between the posts. Use thin oval pieces of wood to create vertical slats in the center of the rail.

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Add white wooden patio railings to emphasize courtyards containing white marble, concrete, stone or wood. Use a thick horizontal bar on top and white on the bottom of the wooden railing. Use thick white rectangular posts to ensure the railing and fine white poles to create a pattern of stripes between the slats open.