Stair Railings Iron Luxury

Stair Railings Iron Luxury-Handrail as an integral part of building design. Apart from the main effect is to create safety for the user when climbing stairs, railings are designed in harmony with the interior architecture, matching space will create an area of ​​charm and luxury to the throne In the current home city can apply materials such as iron, wood, stainless steel, glass, mica, cables for stair handrail. These materials can be used together as iron.

Stair railings iron luxury on the style of the house to choose material. Modern home can choose iron, stainless steel, cables, glass, mica accompany items can gian.lan glass staircase is increasingly widely used in the construction of houses, the used glass balustrade glass floating bearing , it makes smooth space creates additional space for more spacious  balustrade glass is usually associated with iron railings, handrails wood,

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stainless steel handrails create shimmering beauty, elegance. it is a superior product line because of its cost is much higher than the police stair handrail, stair stainless steel Either way, the selection of the stairs to fit furniture for the whole house to fully utilize the capabilities of each type of use Stair railings iron luxury

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