How to Make Upholstered Bench

Padded benches can be used for extra seating in a living room or dining room and their soft edges make them good parts for a child’s room or nursery. Padding a bench at home requires only materials and tools little, and with a few tips and know-how you can complete and upholstered bench quickly.

Education to make upholstered bench: sand down an old bench. Paint the bench. Place on a sheet of paper and let dry. Give the bench a second coat of paint, then let dry again in the newspaper. Lay a sheet of cellulose wadding on the floor and place the wooden bench upside down on it. Cut along the edge of the bench. Tremble bench in the normal position and a drop of hot glue on each corner of the top of the seat. Press firmly to the padding placed on top of the seat so that it is secure.

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Finally, to make upholstered bench, drape a piece of decorative fabric on the beat on the bench. Fold the edges of the fabric on the bottom of the seat, as if you were wrapping a gift. Secure the fabric to the underside of the seat with a staple gun. Trim any excess fabric.