Installation Stair Runner Ideas

Stair runner ideas of carpet sections are designed specifically for the stairs. They are narrow enough to expose some of the wooden stairs on both sides while providing decorative and comfortable to the portion of the more commonly used staircase carpet. Brokers provide a stair tread surface that is less slippery than bare stairs and can add to the overall decorative scheme of the stairs.

Instructions to installation stair runner ideas: place the corridor side of the ladder down on a surface of hard work. Cut stair runner carpet with a sharp knife so it is starting with a straight edge. Center the stair runner on the stairs, making sure the distance on both sides of the stairway corridor is the same. Place the straight edge runner snug ladder against the molding at the top of the uppermost step.

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Smooth runner and push straight down comfortably in the back of the stair tread. Staple the corridor to the rear of the tread. Smooth stair runner on the tread and riser below, stapling just below the edge of the tread above. Finally, installation stair runner ideas push a straight edge against the corridor at the bottom of the stairs. Staple every few feet to secure it in place and prevent wrinkles.