How to Install Stair Carpet Runner

A stair carpet runner is ideal for adding extra color to your stairs without completely covers with carpet decor. Stair runners usually go to the center of the ladder. They can be a foot wide and extending almost to the end of each step.

Instructions to install stair carpet runner: measure the width of the back of each tread and the width of each riser. Cut pieces of the same tackles strip carpet measurements least 2 inches. Place a piece of strip without rivets on the back of each step of the ladder. Place a piece of tackles strip centered on each elevator with tacks toward the tread.

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Cut pieces pad as the carpet which the same width as the strip without rivets. Each piece should abut against the strip without rivets on the back of tread, wrap around the nose of the tread and extend to the edge of the strip without rivets in the riser.

Install stair carpet runner starting at the top of the stairs. Insert the end of the carpet under your nose and fasten with carpet tacks. Smooth flat carpet as you go along. Fold the bottom edge of the carpet runner up under the flange in the lower riser and secure with carpet tacks.

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