How to Make External Stair Railing

Like any staircase, external stairs benefit from the installation of a railing. Railings offer not only decoration for the side or sides of the stairs, but also add to the safety of a handle. If you want to make external stair railing, use appropriate treatment wooden railing, like the stairs, to hold in outdoor conditions.

Instructions to make external stair railing: cut two poles 4 to about 40 inches tall. Locate the hole so that one edge of which is aligned with the bar downstairs and cut the hole. Insert a 4 by 4 post in the hole at the top of the stairs about 1 1/2 inches deep. Cut the studs. Align posts with messages installed on the top and bottom of the stairs.

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Measuring the basis of each position on the ladder and the top of each post is cut to 34 centimeters sits above the staircase. Hold the piece of wood is cut by the railing next to the posts to be aligned with the corner of the top and the corner of the bottom. Place the board is cut by the rail into place at the top of the posts. Secure the rail to posts. Paint external stair railing completed.