Bookcases With Doors

The model  Bookcases With Doors- is a bookcase in the early days style with glass doors. The upper cabinet area is 4 doors with glass panels. The lower section has closed doors. The glass is worked with bevelled edge.

But it can also be used without glass cut. The bookcases with doors  is made of solid wood. This model is stained alder and Nussbaumton. The surface is waxed. The cabinet can be taken apart and has height-adjustable shelves.

The bookcase is designed in the early days style. A great bookcases with doors classic head element was combined with the mating socket. The panels are filled with decorative milled and applications in diamond shape. The fillings of the sides and the bottom doors are coffered and framed with moldings. The glass doors also have a Zierverleistung. The doors are equipped with bar locks. The board edges are profiled in the viewing area.

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