Diy Garage Shelving Plans

Garage shelving plans – If your garage is so full of tools, lawn and garden and other ornaments that you can barely squeeze your car within its walls, it’s time to renovate the space. Part of the problem is that there are simply too many things in your garage, but you can not deal with it until you have a place to put things that you need. Some projects shelves simple DIY rejuvenate your garage, giving you a place to put the items that matter and a way to solve things that do not.

Reuse storage solutions kitchen to free up space in your garage shelving plans. For example, install a pot rack with metal runners. Durable metal rails serve two purposes. The first is that you can use as a platform for holding, larger heavy industrial equipment, such as cans of house paint. The second is that you can hang other supplies rails on S-hooks.

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Brushes and rollers, for example, sport holes in their handles hanging on hooks that allow S. Stash small brushes, screwdrivers and other hand tools in small galvanized buckets, which can then be hung from the hooks. Standing cabinets are a useful addition to your garage shelving plans, and can be easily customized shelf space inside to fit your needs.

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