How to Build Garage Storage Systems

Garage storage systems – If you’re overwhelmed by the lack of space in your garage, you might consider looking over your head. The space that is above can be used as a space for storage with a loft effective. You can install or build a series of shelves in a “U” that contain the shelves to create a storage system. The basic rack system is suspended from the ceiling by brackets. The supports are fixed to the rafters of the garage. The dimensions of the “U” rack are 32 by 48 inches (81.28 to 121.92 cm), but you can modify the dimensions to fit your space and storage needs.

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Choose general area in the garage storage systems to the attic. Note the position of the garage door open and the space requirements for your vehicles and other items potentially high. Slide poles detector in the garage roof in the chosen area and brand sites ceiling joists with a pencil.

Garage storage systems, select two joists that are 32 inches (81.28 cm) apart and measures a length of 48 inches (121.92 cm) along them using a tape. Endpoints mark with a pencil. For tables 2 by 4 by 18 inches (10.16 by 5.08 by 45.72 cm) at one end 2 by 4 inch (5.08 by 10.16 cm).