Elegance of Mid Century Couch

Mid century couch give a sense of history, personality, and class to a room. They come in variety styles, ranging from nineteenth, eighteenth centuries that have become classics, to pure and efficient lines associated with modern times.

Modern mid-century sofas

Modern mid century couch style is a style of architecture and design of Interior from 1930 to 1960 that is based on principle that elegance is equal functionality. Style has simple lines and geometric shapes without unnecessary frills. Much furniture from this period is considered highly collectible. Couches have straight backs with arms and spacious proportional size and little or no decoration or ornaments.

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Chesterfield sofas

Chesterfield sofas from nineteenth century. Characteristics of this style include a high back ending in armrests of same height. They also have long arms and built round cushions that cannot be removed. Often they are upholstered in leather or velvet and have a tight button-tufting technique and workmanship.

Chippendale sofa

Named for furniture designer Thomas Chippendale eighteenth century, this mid century couch has several striking features. Has curved lines with a camel hump-shaped or “cupid’s bow” on back. They usually have an entire cushion that normally rests on cabriole legs and a horizontal trellis style mahogany between them.