Glass Table Lamps Crystal

High durability of finished metal components used in glass table lamps crystal. Lamps components guarantee durability and resistance. In lamps with glass logo Byword so enamels exclusively subjected to temperatures above 150 ° C, which guarantees high environmental resistance they are used. The diffraction of light across the visible spectrum. In the crystal pendants chandelier, wall lamps and other branded S, is used exclusively optical glass, which thanks to its composition ensures diffraction of daylight and artificial sources in all shades of the spectrum visible from the 390 to 790 mm.

The splendor of smoothly polished crystal pendant, Lamps, pendants and glass table lamps Crystal components are designed in a way that best highlight the brightness of hanging used in its construction. Carved pendants, lamps used in ceiling and wall standing; they are treated with a special method of smooth polished to a high gloss and a clear glow.

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Careful quality control glass table lamps crystal, our unique production processes are the result of many years of experience of all employees of the company and are the guarantee of the highest quality. Ceiling lamps are packed disassembled so that the volume of the package is the least possible, considering the maximum protection against damage. Easy maintenance, crystal lamps are easily removed.