Making Extendable Dining Table

If you like extendable dining table a large group of people with a meal but do not have enough to accommodate a large table space, why do not extensible? If your family is small but on special occasions need to accommodate a long table where a lot of friends and family, an extendable table is a practical solution. This type of tables can be kept small for everyday use, with capacity for 4-6 people, and expanded to accommodate 14 or more.

Separates the top of the table and legs. This section is a guide for wooden tables only. Go to Section 2 if you want to make an extendable dining table with top glass or ceramic. Mark the center of your extendable dining table. Draw a straight line from top to bottom. Cut the piece of wood to add to them. You can match the wood with the same type of material or use plywood ¾ inch thick and then varnish to achieve the same finish. Test the extendable dining table and see how it works. Maybe you have to adjust some nuts and bolts for proper tightness or enlarge the slot to allow a smooth glide.

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