Hanging Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Adding additional wall lighting for room can help brighten dark areas. Sometimes lighting installation is not feasible embedded in the wall and other options are needed. Plug-in swing arm wall lamp can provide reading light and task for areas such as living rooms and bedrooms. Moving light using the oscillating arm allows providing lighting to larger area than the location of the mounted lamp.

Directions to hanging swing arm wall lamp: mark the position on the wall where you want to hang the arm lamp. Set your location agreement until you are satisfied with the placement of the lamp. Write wood screw to the wall stud to the chosen location is on the pin. Install the retaining screw provided for the anchor.

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Turn off the swing arm wall lamp in the fixing screw. The wall lamp has an opening at the back of the mounting base of the keyhole. Place the opening along the screw resting on the wall and the mounting base on the wall. Cover the cable arm lamp with coverage of the supplied cable. Insert the cable into the opening in the cable cover. Peel back the protective cover and stick it on the wall beneath the bulb. Turn the arm wall lamp into a wall outlet.

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