Building a Storage Bench with Cushion

Building a storage bench with cushion requires only a few tools and materials. Make sure you have shear fabric and a staple gun with batting, fabric, muslin, open-cell foam, spray adhesive and staples.

Instructions to build storage bench with cushion: secure foam to the plywood. Cut the foam to fit the area you want to pad. On the foam, cut a 45-degree beveled edge. Apply the spray adhesive on one side of the foam and on a side of the card support of plywood.

Spread a layer of wadding around the foam and the support structure, smoothing out in the process. Lift the abutment, and apply the adhesive spray to the bottom of the abutment and the top of the foam. Smooth outside.

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Lengthen the muslin over the backing board, foam and wadding, leaving enough extra around the edges to wrap muslin all the way around the edge. Wrap the fabric over the muslin from stapling to the back of the card in the same way as the muslin. Add the cushion in the storage bench with cushion, and nail the trim front member.

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