What Is a Distressed Leather Sofa?

A distressed leather sofa has an aged appearance, weathered that adds character and warmth. Distressed leather offers comfort and durability of leather, but, due to difficulties surface hides scratches and wear that come with time and use.

A distressed leather sofa look is the result of a process that artificially creates a worn and aged look. Scratches, cracks and aberrations in the natural skin surface are improved and considered desirable before the leather used to cover the sofa frame, crushed, folded, sanded, or brushing with a wire brush.

Despite a wide range of quality leather is used in the manufacture of leather sofas, aniline leather is traditionally used for distressed leather sofa. To make aniline leather, a skin fell into a Cuba with the dye permeates the skin. The result is a soft, supple skin with a natural look. Aniline leather retains its color and softness during the grieving process. Skins lesser degree, as semi-aniline and pigmented hide are usually treated with sealant protection, but lack the flexibility of aniline.

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