How to Build Storage Bench Seat

You can build a storage bench seat from supply of woods waste that may be out there, or you can buy your material in your nearest store wood. After completing the bank makes a good addition to your home or bedroom.

Instructions build storage bench seat: select your wood. Plan the size of your seat. Construct the table first half. This will be the top. The frame consist of four 1 × 4. Place the plank on top of the frame to form a tabletop. Build legs. All four legs must be 1 × 4 and must be the same length.

Build the framework of the storage platform. The frame is in the inside of the legs, which is a little smaller than the upper platform which also forms the seat. Build cover storage platform. Simply cut and assemble the bottom frame with short pieces of 1 X 4 “planking. These parts should be countersunk pilot holes.

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Arena and add your favorite finish. Some options for storage bench seat are varnish, lacquer and polyurethane.