How to Dress Upholstered Sleigh Bed

When you think of upholstered sleigh bed furniture, a sofa or armchair probably come to mind. But a bed can be upholstered, too. The head of the bed – and sometimes the foot board and side rails – can be padded and covered with fabric. This can give a bed an elegant look. But like any other piece of furniture, an upholstered bed can begin to look dated.

Cover your upholstered sleigh bed headboard with transparent fabric upholstery that allows the underlying to show through. An iridescent sheer fabric like chiffon or organza can give your bed an elegant shiny appearance. Curtains tend to be fragile, so secure the fabric right on the top and the back so you can lift up and away from the head of the bed at night.

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Cover your upholstered sleigh bed with a dark cloth. Trim the edges with a wide satin ribbon ship are wired. Having secured the tape boats along the side rails and the edge of the head, cut another piece of ribbon and tie a big bow. Centre the bow on top of the headboard and staple in place. If you have enough tape, run along the top of the foot board, too.