Hiding a Liquor Cabinet Furniture

Keep the bar out of sight makes more versatile room. Join a tradition of decorating the duration of many centuries, “adding a decorative screen and comfortable home. A step back from the liquor cabinet furniture and see it from different points of view in the room. Assess how much of what you want to hide. Extend a tape from one end to the opposite movable along the bar end. Measure twice for accurate measurement wide.

Extend a tape measure from the ground to the highest point of the area you want to hide. For example, if a glass shelf above the cabinet and wants to hide that also extend the tape to the top of the glass shelf. Alternatively, to measure the top of the cabin itself. Measure twice and note the measurements of the height and width measurement from step before.

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Select a screen in the living folding at the desired height. Folding screens need to have their folded panels in part to safely withstand. If necessary, buy two folding screens set to hide the liquor cabinet completely. Center for folding screen of the liquor cabinet furniture. Lift the screen or pull it to the side to use the liquor cabinet furniture.