How to Build Fireplace Wood Holder

If you have an existing fireplace or if your home is heated with a wood stove with a small fireplace wood holder it is convenient and practical. With a few simple materials that can be purchased at any home and garden store, you can build a box not only functional but also a piece of rustic furniture for the home.

This fireplace wood holder can be built in a few simple steps. Cut the plywood with the circular saw two panels measuring 11 1/2 inches by 25 inches. Cut another piece of wood plywood that measures 12 1/8 inches to 25 inches long. Cut two more pieces of plywood.

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Place the bottom panel of the box face down and ride washing the sides, front and rear panels down. Attach the front and rear panels to the side panels. Cut the lid to the box by cutting a piece of wood. Place a piece of plywood to the back edge and two sides of the box.

Wood cut into two pieces. Place each piece of 1 inch from each side of the inside of the box lid. Secure the hinge cover cap. Sand all rough edges and fill any holes with wood putty. Connect all hardware of fireplace wood holder.