Making Wicker Headboard

Wicker headboard – The headboard of a bed is a functional or decorative element at the head. It can be made ​​of wood, brass, iron or wicker and may be covered with cloth or wadding. The standard header has a height of 35 inches from the ground to the top of the head. However, headers design custom may be much higher and start from the mattress instead of the floor. You can attach to the wall or the structure of the bed a header purchased at a store or home if the head reaches the ground.

Wicker headboard, make a horizontal line on the wall with the level at the bedside. The line should be one inch from the top of the place you want to hang the head and another inch on each side. Mark the center point of the line with a vertical mark.

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Wicker headboard uses a beam detector for locating beams along this line. Make a point or vertical line through your horizontal line to show where the beams. Screw clamp half on both ends beams with mounting screws. Adds additional support to the central beam if necessary. Use two brackets for light headers or twin beds, double or queen size.