Making Outside Mason Jar Pendant Light

Mason jar pendant light have many uses in the home. Apart from preserving, pickling and duty of jam, which also serve as cups, glasses and pencil. If you want an old vintage style in your home, you can use the jars for magnificent chandeliers mason jar. They are easy to assemble and you can get kits already mounted lamps hanging hardware or design furniture from the local store.

Screw caps of glass jar tightly. Use the drill to drill a hole in the center of each lid Mason jar pendant light. Mounting kit hanging light. Remove the lid of the jar of preserves and gently lay the bulb on the bottom of the bottle. Feed the wire through the hole in the lid. Screw the lid on tightly.

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Mason jar pendant light, pull the rope through the top of the cap to bulb hangs in the center of the jar. Hook the clips of tension on the cable so that the bulb can not slide in the jar. Drill holes in the ceiling plate. You can hang more than one bottle through the ceiling plate. Bottles hanging at different heights for a spider effect. Feeding lights cables through the ceiling plate.