Brushed Nickel Chandelier Ideas

Brushed nickel chandelier, faucets are coated with nickel using an electrolytic process. This process binds the nickel coating to a lower layer of brass. Nickel is dull and flat compared to chromium. With the process of brushing to knock down any additional reflective qualities, the result is a simple non-glossy surface. Chrome has a mirror-like, highly reflective surface. It is made with the same electrolytic process, but instead of linking to the surface of nickel, chromium metal is used.

Brushed nickel chandelier requires both cleaning and chrome because of its dull gloss and matte finish. Sediment and dissolved minerals can be collected at the surface, which are not so visibly as chromium. The chrome mirror surface shows all silting up. Nickel not required cleaning every two days.

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Brushed nickel chandelier cleaning is fairly easy, but it is not as easy as cleaning chrome. To clean brushed nickel, take a mixture of half water and half vinegar or a mild detergent, and wipe the faucet with a soft cloth or towel. Remove cleaning residues with a clean towel. Do not scrub the faucet, and refrain from frequent cleaning. Excessive rubbing and polishing removes the nickel surface. This surface is prone to wear over time.