How Strong is the Mango Wood Furniture?

Mangoes are familiar to most people as a fresh fruit, to be eaten only on sticky rice, yogurt or smoothies. However, the mango tree also produces attractive wood with distinctive salting complex patterns. When grown under sustainable conditions, this wood works well in decorative items for the home, furniture and other indoor applications. Like other tropical forests, the handle is very hard and strong. Mango wood furniture has a hardness rating of 508 kiloponds in Janka scales, and is similar in hardness to hardwoods of North America, such as oak. This wood is considered moderately resistant to perishable, depending on the environment. Mango wood furniture lacks any resistance to decay or insect attack and should not be used in wet conditions or in contact with the ground.

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This wood generally has a straight fine to medium texture and fiber, but some specimens interlaced or figurative are also available. Wooden handle is originally native to humid and tropical climates. In drier areas, you may require regular polishing oil to maintain its strength. When the wood is allowed to dehydrate mango, you can split or break. According to the website of sustainability Tree hugger, mango wood furniture properly cared for can last for generations.