Reclaimed Wood Media Console with Charm

Reclaimed wood media console with charm, Warm, authentic and robust, but at the perfect time to create an industrial environment depending on what elements accompany them. And with the unmistakable light shade of pine recovered. In this same line of furniture with inspirational real taste of the spirit of recovery from the past to provide it with a new energy in the present moment, we present some tables made from wood reclaimed oak.

A reclaimed wood media console and decisive but current designs, and of course, also lovers of contrasts, as its aesthetic field is perfect to create an urban environment. This may sound a bit contradictory, but sometimes contradictions may be surprised, and very pleasantly.

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As the pine tables recovered, one of its hallmarks is its large size, because to perform wooden planks from old structures are used. And this is his magic and much of its charm. The charm of being a few reclaimed wood media console that give new life to items for years. Color is A tone honey, sweet and warm, which transmits the same pleasant feelings that we mentioned when I talked about the pine tables.