How to Organize a 4 Drawer File Cabinet

You can create and organize the 4 drawer file cabinet with follow a few simple steps.

Steps to organize a 4 drawer file cabinet: manages your files. Make sure that all of them are labeled uniformly with all company names, or the names of all people. Organize your file in an alphabetical order; go from front to back in the drawer, from top to bottom in the closet, and from left to right into your filing system.

Leave room for future files If you have enough files to fill 50% of a 4 drawer file cabinet, does not fulfill the 2/1 drawers completely; fill all 4 half. The new files will not necessarily for the final, where they will be in alphabetical order.

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Replace the files in a timely manner. You need to remove files once in a while but do not forget that when finished using, should put it back in place as soon as possible. If you leave them piling up outside the organized system you will not be able to find them later.