Build White Wall Shelf with Hooks

The white wall shelf with hooks is ideal for use in a shower room or clothes or even fourth cabinet or closet. White will add a country feel to the decor, and if you anguish shelf sanding it back slightly in places, be chic in no time.

Directions to build white wall shelf with hooks: paint all components of white shelf. Do not paint the steps of the screw hooks. Just paint the hooks. Measure down from the ceiling height you want on the shelf. Place the clip over the line and attach it to the wall with two screws 3-inch drywall on each point of wall stud.

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Place the two support anchors perpendicular to the clip ends. Secure them. Slightly smaller pre-drill pilot holes to the diameter of the hook bolts, evenly spaced along the clamp. Tighten the screw hooks. Place the vertical arm of a support on each anchor with top support level with the top of the clamp. Attach the brackets to a cleat and anchors through the holes of the bracket screws.

Place the top shelf. Secure the shelf to the bracket. Finally, to build white wall shelf with hooks, retouch any visible holes with wood mass, then white paint once the mass is dry.