How to Install Garage Door Threshold

An area of a garage door is not often thought of the bottom seal. Although garage doors have rubber seal at the bottom of the door, often rain will seep past the gate, resulting in wet garage floor. Install a band garage door threshold bottom edge seal to prevent rainwater from entering the garage. The thresholds are available in centers and home improvement dealers garage doors.

Instructions to install garage door threshold: open the garage door and brush the floor between the rails of the door with a stiff wire brush. Bar area clean. Measure the width of the opening between the two rails of the door. Place the flat threshold between the two rails of the door with raised hump pointing toward the back of the garage. Lower the garage door in the doorway. Push the threshold hump against the garage door. Trace the edge of the threshold on the garage floor.

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Finally, to install garage door threshold, raise the threshold away from the door opening. Apply a bead of adhesive 1/8 inch inside edge of each pencil tracing with a caulk gun. Use a backward and forward swirling another drop of adhesive placed between the first two beads. Allow the glue to dry according to package directions.