How to Design Garage Door Bottom Seal

Garage door bottom seal have a rubber seal at the bottom to protect the inside of your garage the rain and elements. During the winter you may find that the garage door is frozen in the ground. Water and snow trapped between rubber and concrete frozen ice creating a link. Opening a frozen garage door service is a matter of breaking the ice without damaging the bottom seal. When the door is frozen on the ground must temporarily disconnect the garage door bottom seal.

Pull the emergency release rope in the garage door bottom seal track. The rope is attached to the carriage and releases the wagon cart. This allows you to operate the door manually. Open the garage door bottom seal completely and move your vehicle to the garage. Press the button on the wall for door opener so that the carriage moves to the fully open position. Lower the garage door by hand until the carriage locks on the car. Scrape the remaining ice driveway, garage floor and the bottom of the door gasket. If possible, leave the garage door bottom seal to allow the sun to melt the ice and dry the remaining water.

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