Install Garage Door Rails

How to install horizontal and vertical garage door rails. If you want to install new horizontal and vertical rails for the doors of your garage, you do not need the help of a professional. Gather your tools and accessories and do the work yourself during the weekend. Slide one of the vertical garage door rails on the wound. Make sure the distance between the top of the door and the rail are equal on both sides. Use screws to secure the vertical rails in place. Connects the end of the horizontal rail. Combine it with the support that goes in the back of the rail. Novella to make sure it is straight and then secures it with screws.

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Place a screw torque through the bearing plate. Secure the center bracket to something solid in your garage door rails, like a beam that is a plate of 5 cm. by 12.5 cm. The central support ensures the torsion bar. Hook the cable drum with sliding unlace notch drum. Then screw the drum until firm. This screw rotates to retain the tension in the cable. No adjustment the screws as this may crack the aluminum drum. Turns coiled rods reaching spiral tension that is specified in the manufacturer’s instructions.