Trends Portable Garages

Portable garages offer a temporary or permanent solution for people who want a protected place to store your cars, motorcycles, boats and other items. it is come in variety material and design. Check this out!


Portable metal garages, often made of steel, are a good choice for buyers who want a durable, resistant structure. These workshops can have a line or flat roofs and can remain portable or be attached to permanent structures. Steel portable garages are easy to assemble and clean.


Aluminum portable garages come in shapes and sizes and similar metal garages. According, which often are considered more handsome than-steel units, but they are not as sturdy as metal and do not resist weather too.

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Portable wooden garages can have only one protection above as a garage, or may have walls. They are a good choice for buyers who want a structure that matches siding on your house. Wooden structures can be free or be attached to a building.

Walled canvas or vinyl

This style of fabric or vinyl portable garage has a canopy overhead and walls to protect vehicle from one to three sides. They are more bulky than general canopy models and may be less suited for travel.