How Coat of Epoxy Garage Floor

The paint is epoxy coating that resists long lasting grease, oil and other materials that may stain the floor of your garage concrete. One benefit of coating your garage floor with epoxy garage floor paint is that it is much easier to clean. Sweeping the garage floor to remove any dust, dirt or debris. Bleach cleaner sprayed on any spot there and let soak for 5 minutes. Use a stiff brush to scrub and remove stains. Rinse the floor of your garage with your garden hose and spray nozzle.

Repair any cracks on the floor there. Use a composite concrete crack repair or for smaller. This comes in a tube similar to normal applicator putty. For larger cracks, use concrete patching materials. After repairing the cracks, let the floor dry thoroughly before applying your first layer of epoxy garage floor.

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Mix the epoxy garage floor paint according to manufacturer’s instructions that are in the can. The mixture of paint depends on the size of the area you’re covering. Apply a coat early in the morning after making sure that the garage floor is completely dry. Use natural bristle brush to apply paint at the edges and in the corners of the floor. Spend nylon rollers with waterproof epoxy paint remaining solvent.