Homemade Bike Racks for Garage

If you have a bike or a collection, bikes can often get in the way home. If you will encounter regularly on his bicycle because he is leaning against the dryer in the garage or standing against the wall in the hallway, then maybe it is time to consider building a bike racks for garage.

Bike racks for garage. Bicycles Hang horizontally through the construction of a mounting post. Buy a piece of 2×4 woods. Wood length should be shorter than the distance between the floor and ceiling inch. Using a jigsaw, cut an oval shape on the side of two-inch lumber that angles slightly downward. Monte wood shoeing position for the first time in the ceiling, then the floor using rubber, cloth or other material that will not damage surfaces. The wood should fit comfortably when finished. Bicycles are mounted by simply lifting and adjust the top tube of the bike in the oval cut. Secure your bicycle to a beam in the garage with bike racks for garage. Go to the hardware store and buy a screw hook large. Make sure the width between the hook tip and the screw arm are wide enough for your bicycle tire can sit inside

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