Small Garage Apartment Floor Plans

Build Home I’ve seen the top 30 small departments, now we see more departments but from a different perspective focused on the design of 3D drawings with the distribution of environments, to find the model that suits our requirements. Plans and designs for garage apartment floor plans. If you have a square small space where we can place a bedroom, a kitchen, and a dining room.

Apartment with terrace has two bedrooms (separated by door) and kitchenette.  Now let’s see a good distribution of the environments where no crosses functions and can access the bathroom both from the bedroom and from the social area with the garage apartment floor plans. A practical solution if we design an elongated ground.  The following example is a typical case of distribution of properly organized environments, although we see a direct visual of the main entrance to the garage apartment floor plans. 

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Mini design department in one open space. One possible solution distribution department when we have an open garage apartment floor plans square space.  At this level of shop square we can see clearly defined environments, the only bedroom has walk in closet that can be seen in the bottom center of the plane.