Organizers for the Garage Organizers

The garages are places where you usually store equipment that is not used frequently, essential for the repair and maintenance home, or just those items that you love but do not usually have in your home. Make garage organizers is a great way to combat the problem of finding a hammer when you need. Examines the objects that need to be organized and stored in your garage to determine the appropriate shelves, drawers and supports size and layout. Classifies objects into categories such as “tools”, “care of the park”, “household” and “seasonal team.”

Divide the space into sections of garage organizers, with each section corresponding to one of your categories. Measure the height of the largest object of your categories using the tape measure. Write it down on paper. This will be up to your lowest shelf. It measures the largest of the remaining objects. This will be the distance between your other shelves.

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Clean the garage organizers of all that can be removed. Measure the height of your lower shelves and mark with chalk on the wall. Draw a horizontal line 60 cm long, using the level meter to check the position of your lower shelf. Measure the distance between your other shelves to the top of the wall and draw a horizontal line 60 cm long.