Special Ideas for Painting Garage Floor

To paint painting garage floor, you must purchase specialty painting. His painting must support weight of your vehicle, specifically bind to and hold up under all weather conditions. Before painting your garage floor, consider how you would like your garage to look and feel once project is completed.

One color

Epoxy sold specifically for use painting garage floor is available in 12 colors, in shades of blue, red, gray, green, and brown, black and white. Choose a color that matches your personality and add a special touch to your garage. Paint entire garage floor of a solid color.

Mottled metallic

You can also purchase a solid color that contains metallic flecks. This will give your garage floor a bright, seductive look and feel. Perhaps you would like your garage floor painted red with metallic gold flecks to match your vehicle.

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Paint a polished high gloss shine on your garage floor. This will make you feel as if you park your car in a night show floor. Painting garage floor of a solid color first, and follow with bright paint. Apply broad layers of gloss to achieve look you want.