How to Install Garage Door Weather Stripping

Your garage door weather stripping has a bottom seal that acts as a barrier against rain, insects and drafts. As this weather stripping ages, the material can be separated or decomposed. This functional seal replacement is a simple procedure. Instructions, Disconnect the garage door safety lock, and lift the door to place the bottom to about shoulder level edge. The safety lock is usually short and disconnects rope pulling down the rope.

Remove the lower seal. Typical garage door weather stripping accessories are nails or metal track. Remove the nails with a hammer and pry bar. Remove the track pulling the seal type either ends. You may need a screwdriver to unclip runway ends and release the seal so that you can remove it.

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Installing garage door weather stripping nails by placing one end of the seal against the bottom of the door on each side and attach them to the door with nails provided. Install weather stripping caterpillars sliding one end into the metal track and pulling on the cycle track through the door. Set the seal crimping the ends of the track with the tip of a screwdriver and a hammer. Trim excess weather stripping flush with each side of the door, using a knife to complete the installation. Hook opener garage door safety lock.