Window to the Garage Door Styles

Garage door styles – a window in the garage door you can do many things for your home. He can let the light in your garage and at the same time adding a bit of style and individuality to your home display. It can also increase the value of your home, even when it made the highest address.

Select the right garage door styles because there is a wide range in the market. One of the most fashionable styles and easily recognizable window that you can place on your garage door is style cathedral. This window looks like the line cathedral, with a few square layers, ground to reach the top of the dome. This style comes in a window so-called short cathedral, which is a small panel that looks like a squat or a cathedral length of the cathedral.

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In addition there are also some garage door styles, which sun common window style window in the garage door. The sun appeared window glass with a few slices of pie placed in the corner to form a semi-circle around the top of the garage door. And Colonial window is simple and immediate window functional and almost unique in design. This window style adds a touch of simplicity history for your garage.