Car Lifts For Home Garage

Car Lifts For Home Garage-Villas, townhouses, condominiums, hotels, are just some of the possible applications of the new lift with driver on board The system avoids the traditional access ramp to the underground garage, the car carrying the basement level and using about 16 square meters. In this way, in addition to the convenience of using a real lift, they are recovered from 50 to 70 square meters of surface that can be used as a garden, patio or more parking spaces.

car lifts for home garage  is that the driver can stay comfortably at the edge of their car while it is being raised or lowered to the garage.The car lift IP1-HMT V07 guarantees complete safety to the driver because it presents a series of devices ranging from the photocell barrier protection to control the exact position of the car on the platform to a system of control of the tension of the ropes.

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car lifts for home garage device allows descent and opening of the doors of the car lift even in the absence of current and, in case of danger, ensures the escape route to the user.The elevator car with a person on board is equipped with radio remote control to call the empty platform directly from the car in the street.

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