Instant Garage for Electric Vehicles

With a technology that is beginning, and also happens in other areas, the infrastructure for recharging electric vehicles is not yet everything abundant and competitive prices would be desirable. The fact is that anyone who wants to have an electric car today is (almost) imperative that has a charging point in the garage. Let’s see how to instant garage.

At this point we have a first problem, what happens if I have no garage, and parked the car in the street? Well, in principle, as the situation in Spain is, it must be remembered that a plug-in car, is 100% electric, either electric or extended-range plug-in hybrid is, or electric bike, is not recommended for those who do not have a garage in which to instant garage the charging point.

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In the case of instant garage for the car, two things can happen: we have a garage in a family house, in whatever form, and making it very probably has a plug in the garage, or have a garage or garage in a community garage with more neighbors, which is usually the most common in Spain. In this case almost any garage has sockets, and if any, is in the community.